Design Lab Project

its time to challenge . create . transform


Who is Nisha?

Me again, so let me explain why I created the Design Lab Project. Having seen a large number of new businesses start in the last few years and wanting to start one of my own I thought long and hard about what it was that I could offer people.

Then it struck me, having a massive passion for creating beautiful websites I built for my sister in-law and I was hooked. I realised that there might be others I could help so set about creating the Design Lab Project after noticing the need for beautiful yet affordable, design led websites for other small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

To me it doesn't matter if your business sells paint or jewellery or nothing at all, every site should be designed to look amazing for your customers. It should be easy to navigate, highlight your products in the best way and most importantly show your unique brand identity. 

Why Design Lab Project?

Wow coming up with a name for your business is hard ! I went from my own name -, to Dabble & Co, to Design Lab Project, and a whole lot more in-between. 

I settled on Design Lab Project for one reason, collaboration.

To me you can be the best web designer in the world but if you don't listen, I mean really listen and understand what your client needs you will never make them happy.

Creating a website should be a 2 way street, a project, if you like. One where we sit and chat and discuss what you want together. One where you are comfortable saying "Nish are you mad? Bright Purple ?!" and one where I am comfortable saying "Are YOU mad? Bright Pink?" All jokes aside, the Design Lab Project a collaboration where we create your website with your story at the heart of it.

My Background

I have worked successfully with large businesses such as Disney and Bodum, consulting on online marketing and web development, all the way to one man/woman bands, such as Lauren Abraham's Portfolio, offering a dramatic redesign of her site. 

For most of my adult life I worked in the corporate world but when I hit 30, something needed to change. Enter web development. I'm a glorified geek that like to build, design and tinker with websites so it made sense to make the move towards becoming a freelance Web Designer. My weapon of choice Squarespace...

I choose to work with Squarespace as it offers the best platform, in my opinion. It not only manages the boring stuff like web security, but also has a really friendly usability. I also use it as it has a user friendly interface as some of my clients want to be able to take over the day-to-day management of their site.

As a Squarespace specialist all of my websites are created with you and your needs in mind. I spend time getting to know you and understanding your business so I can shine your website in the best light.

My clients say I am thorough, meticulous and very approachable so why not get in touch today to see if I can help you get started on your online journey.

My mantra is Challenge . Create . Transform. So much so I have it tattoo'd on my arm. So lets:

Challenge the ideas | Create the website | Transform your business